Max Lynam

olinda, victoria, australia

I've got a long history of building websites, as well as traditional B2B & B2C businesses.

I spend my time managing online marketing, digital / social media engagement and oversight of lead nurturing to convert leads into customers, repeat purchasers and brand ambassadors.

Working with small and medium business owners, I help them achieve their goals online, by optimising their cost per lead / sale / acquisition and growing their market share.

I love cooking and eating great food, I ferment hops & grains into flavourful ales and I'm the father of two great kids with my beautiful and understanding wife Trudy.

Being from a military family Max has lived in many locations and on becoming an Army officer himself spent time in a number of posts; including communications, logistics, project & fleet management, commander/2IC & Quartermaster as well as heavily involved in IT projects at HQ Logistic Command level and above.

A former Melbourne Grammar boy and driven to excel Max utilised the programming and computer skills developed since he was in primary school to build his first websites, followed by quickly establishing one of Australia's first web development and consulting companies; later lecturing in IT and web technologies. In 2013 Max celebrated 20 years of website experience.

Not satisfied with that challenge Max built up a substantial flower growing and distribution business employing numerous production, packing and sales staff with wholesale and retail clients from Dubai to Darwin to Dandenong.

Max provided all his own production automation management, market analysis, web-design and web-development; as well as operation of several complex and dynamic e-commerce sites catering to different market segments.

With a wide breadth of learning from the highs and the lows of such business and development experience Max Lynam is equipped with the experience and savvy required to help business owners succeed online.

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