Max Cherrie

Max Cherrie certainly is an ambitious and outgoing character growing up in a family of 4 kids will do that for you. Born on 22nd March 2002, he comes second inline of four Children to his Mother, Louise and Father Andrew. He has spent his childhood growing up in the North of England before moving to London with his family and is currently in Year 5 at Wimbledon Park Primary School. Max has always enjoyed school, and with his fun-loving, adventurous attitude, has found making friends an easy job. He's a quick learner and always keen to give new tasks and ideas a try.

There are not many 9 year olds who know their niche at such a young age but for Max, its performing and being in front of the camera. A few years ago Max started to tune his spirited, outgoing energy into performing on stage in school productions and has loved it ever since. Over the last 2 years he has been putting up his hand for performance opportunities and has slowly but surely built up his talent base on the stage an in front of the lens. Max has already been seen performing on stage with an outstanding cast in 'JESUS – The Rock Opera', seen by over 6,000 people collectively at the Victoria Apollo in London's West End.

He's had several loves in his short existence so far – movies, football and his Mum come high on the list; and he's now setting himself up to become a future household name in the Theatre and TV & Film industry. Whether its singing, acting, modelling, extra work or voice-overs, Max is so keen to perform, he'll put 110% into every opportunity he gets.