Max Farran

“Nikolai, you are the last of us, the last of the proud people. They have taken you from me, they murder your father, and took you from our home, but I am coming for you…” are the words of the grieving mother whose role you will take in the game Blood of the Werewolf. Selena is a powerful werewolf who wants to take revenge on the monsters that killed her husband and stole her child.

She seamlessly transforms into a werewolf in the light of the moon as she makes her way to Frankenstein.

The indie game was developed and published by Scientifically Proven and released on May 9, 2014 for PC, Wii U, PSN, and you can find it on xbox 360 games torrents websites. It game features three modes of playing: Speed Run, Score Run and Endless Run. You have to make it through 34 violent monsters throughout 10 different worlds while the difficulty is increasing.

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