Maximilian Achenbach

I am 26 years old and currently studying at the renowned International School of Management

in Paris. Partner programs with leading universities around the world such as Fudan University,

Shanghai; Amity University, New Delhi; and St. John’s University, New York, allow me to see

theoretical issues in an international context and to strengthen my ability to work together with

people from different cultural backgrounds. Before moving from Germany to Paris I completed

a dual Bachelor’s degree in Retail Management at the European University of Applied Sciences.

During my undergraduate studies I gained practical experience working in various companies

such as BfUN GmH, Zur Rose AG, Klosterfrau Healthcare Group, OTTO Group, SinnLeffers AG,

Kaiser`s Tengelmann AG, KMS Group, Peek & Cloppenburg KG. Studying my last semester

abroad at the European Business School in Dublin made me become sure that I wanted to

hone my knowledge by pursuing an international Master’s degree. And that’s what I am doing

right now.