Max Pen (matt)

Student, Web Developer, and web designer in Belgium, Antwerp

Max Pen (matt)

Student, Web Developer, and web designer in Belgium, Antwerp

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I'm a 23 year old male from Belgium.

I have a variation of hobbies and I'm also busy with coming up with new unique project ideas and maintaining my own webmaster projects. I also like web design and code themes.

Hobbies/about me/principles/character traits:

Coder. I like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery and making good looking designs through those languages. I'm all clientside.

Reading. May it be books, articles, newspaper, etc...

Eating good food. I don't eat fast-food though sometimes I do enjoy a good burger. :)

Watching movies/series. Who doesn't?

Helping people out where I can. Life is about experience and using it to help others.

Travelling. Seeing a bit of the world never bores me!

Other cultures. I am always interested in knowing how other cultures live and more.

Writing. May it be poems, quotes or stories. I do enjoy making them when I got the time/inspiration.

Gamer. Used to be quite the gamer before my webmaster days... Now I game a bit now and then.

Webmaster/forumer. I enjoy being a hobby webmaster and frequent visitor of some forums/websites.

Debater. I like to debate about a wide range of subjects.

Thinker. I think alot about many things. Sometimes to much. XD

Learner. Above all... I love to learn new things in life and teach if possible to others.

Respect. I respect all that also respect all others. This means if due to your faith you cannot accept certain people... I may not respect you.

Faith: I'm no believer in God. I do believe in something that is beyond life.

Lazy. My biggest enemy and preventing me from reaching the stars.

Dedicated. I can be a hard worker.

When I do something, I try to do it good.

ETC... To much to list here!

E-mail me when you got a question for me. :)

Thanks and a good day to you! =)

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