Maya Page

Chicago, Illinois

My name is Maya Page and I am the Owner and Creative Director at SocialMediately - a company that specializes in website design and branding.

I started SocialMediately because I noticed a need for a one-stop shop that was able to not only build and design websites, but help small businesses launch their brands.

I founded SocialMediately in 2012, which started out as a humble social media management company, but has since grown into a full-service marketing company. I found that many of my clients not only needed help with their social media campaigns, but were lacking functional and eye-catching websites and branding materials.

Today, I have added a team to the SocialMediately name and not only do we design websites, brands, and eCommerce stores, but I also coach and guide entrepreneurs on starting a successful business.

Feel free to get in touch with me via SocialMediately ( or directly at