Maya Moore


A recent graduate of Louisiana State University, I majored in communication studies with a minor in film and media arts. I was very involved during my time in school, holding leadership and peer mentoring positions. During my time away at school, I learned many a lessons, most outside of the classroom. And with those college experiences, I learned to appreciate my jack-of-all-trades personality and the canvas it has created. I've honed in on certain skills that most teachers can't teach, like listening and leadership. I have realized that people tend to come to me with their problems and I am working on not shying away from the opportunity to help others and develop into a more assured leader.

I have a public relations and film background, two different paths that allow me to combine some of my interests and natural persona. With this training, I hope to become one of the most effective communicators I can be, prospering on the idea that every individual needs to be communicated with uniquely.

Fortunately, I have been gainfully employed at One World Strategy Group, a small public relations/public affairs firm, minority and woman owned. While tested constantly, I have been put in a position that is directly under greatness. My, more seasoned, co-workers are always teaching me and pushing me out of my comfort zones. They truly believe in me. If I were to ever begin the treacherous job search again, I'd have the confidence to take on anything because of them.

I would love to one day be able to start a non-profit and help younger girls in my community with self esteem and the courage to go after their dreams. It seems they feel their options are limited, and I believe by even simply providing them access to women like my friends, co-workers and other professionals women, they’ll see that’s not true!

My dream is to have a heavy hand in the music and film industry, two of my passions and industries that heavily lack positive minority-female presence. By working for One World and writing for sites like, Ask Miss A, I think I might be headed in the right direction. Everyday, I'm learning how to connect my passions while connecting people!

But, my main focus, at all times, is to walk in my purpose and let God order my steps. With Him, I'll always be exactly where I

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