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Welcome to the Maya Tandoori Restaurant, New Denham. Located in New Denham, Maya Tandoori Restaurant offers a new experience in fine Indian cuisine, blending traditional dishes with modern culinary technique. Adorned with warm décor, a careful touch of the classic and the modern leaves you in comfort. Soft and subtle, the flavours stimulates your appetite as you savour the true gourmet delights prepared with great care and passion...

Rich and diverse, the Indian cuisine demands perfect understanding of spices and their melange for each delicacy. Rare and authentic, the culinary selection at Maya is reminiscent of the food from India. With each entry is a short explanation as to the contents and style of preparation of each dish. We use only the finest of produce and fresh seasonal native vegetables, which coupled with experienced chefs means that your meals will be prepared to the highest professional standards.

If you require any dish which is not in the menu, then please ask the staff, hopefully if time permitting the chef will try to accommodate your request.

Maya Tandoori Restaurant

Tel: 0189 523 9503, 0189 525 9547

74 Oxford Road, New Denham, Uxbridge UB9 4DN