Mazin Ramli

Project Manager and Small Business Owner in the Sudan

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Hey, I’m Mazin. I’m a project manager living in the Sudan. I am a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

I am an electrical engineer with more than twelve years of experience divided between various fields of technical practice, office work and field expertise.

I undertook practical life since early years of my youth, placing myself to so many experiences, and occupied many crafts and jobs gaining knowledge and expertise throughout an interesting work life.

The automation field is my passion and my specialty as well, since my childhood I used to dismantle my toys and try to create something with its motors, lights and gears.

Teenage years were full of competition with my neighbor, collecting tools and coming out with new products and inventions like: a motor driven boat, light encrypted boxes and electricity network for a small town we built with boxes and cigarette packs.

My graduation project was about using the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in packing cigarettes, and was rewarded the grade of excellence. You can know more about me on linkedin: