Martin Tomis Bartel

Product Manager, Web analyst, and conversion rate optimization in Berlin, Tyskland

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As Head of Product Management at Foreverly Gmbh, I’m the champion of every stage of our product development lifecycle: discovery, design, development, evaluation and success. My colleagues have referred to me as the Lead Product “Hochzeitsfee”, as a funny reference to the wedding industry we’re operating in. I’m still getting used to the title, I always wanted to be a ninja (or a Power Ranger in the 90s), but it must admittedly be easier to bring two people together with fairy dust than with a samurai sword.

Whether I’m a “Hochzeitsfee” or Product Manager, my most important task is always to understand how and why our features, platforms or product marketing initiatives fail or succeed. Years of experience with web analytics, growth hacking and conversion rate optimization come in handy when setting up segmentation, customized tracking or interpreting results and trends across multiple initiatives.

As the owner of product ideation, prioritization of features/bugs, delivery targets and quality analysis of product initiatives, I regularly interact with our virtual delivery teams spread across the globe. To succeed, it’s crucial to understand your market, technical investments and strategies for risk mitigation, but also to have a contingency plan ready at all times.

If it’s collaborating with team peers, virtual teams or external agencies, I’m always making sure to be at the forefront of problem solving. “To walk the walk and talk the talk” by critically reflect upon my own actions and to learn from experiences, but also to actively listen to people and take on board what they have to say. If you demonstrate your strive for excellence, you will empower others to do the same.

I am always keen on meeting people that are just as passionate as me about their products, to hear their take on life or simply who their favourite 90s Power Ranger was. So if you want to get in touch with a professional “Hochzeitsfee” or wannabe ninja, feel free to drop me a message.

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