Mariano Blanchard

Earth (Mondays through Fridays)

Mariano always had a knack for problem solving - that's why becoming a Computers Engineering seemed a natural choice: what could be better than tackling the issues plaguing machines designed for solving problems?

Over the years, he drifted into applying Technology to make Financial Institutions more competitive, evenutally becoming a Professional Advisor for a leading Consulting Firm. In the last 2 years he decided to go off the beaten track, and helped creating a Digital Boutique from scratch.

Originally from Argentina, he has lived and worked in many countries in the past 15 years, including Brazil, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands. He currently calls Madrid home.

In his free time, you can spot him with his wife travelling around with their cameras, reading whatever he comes across, flying across the globe for doing some scuba diving, or tearing apart fully-functioning appliances just for the sake of curiosity. Most of the time he manages to put them back together, too.