Kandy McCashland

Bradenton, Florida

Kandy McCashland is a current resident of Bradenton, Florida, but graduated from Westville High School in Westville, Indiana. When she isn’t blogging voraciously, her hobbies include salt water fishing and raising pit bulls, neither of which are common fare, and part of what makes her a unique content creator.

Salt water fishing, long considered to be a male dominated sport, gets her out on the water as often as possible, enjoying the sea spray and the sand beaches around Florida. Like fly fishing, salt water fishing takes considerable dedication and patience, but unlike fly fishing, the ocean open and larger fish present a serious set of dangers and challenges. Choppy water, unpredictable weather, and fish that fight on the line can present trials, but Kandy McCashland takes them in stride.

Pit bulls, due to breeding and training practices, have a bad rap in the media. With their breed at the center of many public dog fighting scandals, society has largely turned against these otherwise gentle, loving dogs. Late in the last century, studies began to come out that painted pit bulls as aggressive, vicious dogs, but more recent studies have shown that it is the upbringing of dogs that affects their behavior, not the breed, and with the right discipline and loving environment, pit bulls are no more likely to bite than any other breed. Because of this, Kandy McCashland strives to raise her pit bulls in a positive situation, where they are shown the love and attention they need and deserve.

Both of these activities influence her as a person and as a blogger. Salt water fishing and the raising of pit bulls have both been maligned in the media as dangerous activities.