Melanie Collette

Musician, Mother, and Artist in Manchester, United Kingdom

Melanie Collette

Musician, Mother, and Artist in Manchester, United Kingdom

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I began taking photos using black and white film photography at age 15. Soon afterwards I turned the camera to the sky and dabbled in astrophotography using film which was difficult and expensive, but I was also given the opportunity to develop my own photographs with access to a friends in-house dark-room, such that I gained an appreciation for the difficulties in film-photography, so often exploited in today’s digital world. During my studies with the Open University, my photography passion was nudged by fellow students who would often post photos of all kinds of interesting things online, and at the time I was lucky enough to be given a second-hand DSLR by my good friend, so I began snapping again. That was 2010. Since then, I have turned the camera onto myself, onto my family, and have plans for expanding upon many ideas and concepts for the future, hopefully using other subjects.

I owe the creation of my portfolio to a few wonderful individuals, who have always remained a source of inspiration and support: Jim, Andy, Charlie, Oren, Roxie, and the many photographers and artists I have communicated with and/or been inspired by.

Some things about me:

I have a BSc (hons) STEM (open)

I enjoy astronomy-based activities

I am interested in nutrition/longevity and general strength and fitness

I am a young stroke survivor

I experience the world as very loud (a double-edged sword!)

I am passionate about music, both listening and creating it

I have been a part of 3 live-gigging bands as a vocalist and some guitar

I am an independent learner, and usually prefer the freedom working alone brings

I listen more than I talk, but talk a lot when I am comfortable 😊

I write my own songs and music, and over the years have created tracks independently

I am passionate about my role as a mother and enjoy teaching them, and myself through them.

My portfolio (as of Feb 2020) can be found here:

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