Mike (Kermit) Croghan

Software Developer and Poet in Herndon, Virginia

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● geek (poetry, code, comics, etc.)

● dabbler (running, improv/theater, banjo, social justice activism, etc.)

● scientific pantheist / naturalistic mystic / nontheist / secular Tibetan Buddhist / Episcopalian / Quaker

● nonbinary mostly cisgender queer (he/they)

● bipolar

● Ravenclaw (well, RavenPuff) / Pukwudgie

● Chaotic Good

● Enneagram 9 (with a 1 wing) / eNFp

In no particular order, I: write code, experiment in community, read comics, hang out with friends, write words, volunteer in hopefully helpful ways, play games, love people, conspire toward a better world, remove obstacles, sleep, run, eat, drink, sing, pick, attempt comedy, and (daily) sit in silence. I am also a big fan of the work of Kermit the Frog.

The blog mentioned above (the "Read my blog" button) is called free / sour / fruit, and it's mostly poetry.

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    • The USA TODAY Network
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    • Rochester Institute of Technology
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