Mohammad Mohsin

I have two years and 9 months of experience in the field of web development. In this short span of time, I have laid full emphasis on keeping myself abreast with the latest developments in the Web 2.0 market. My keen interest lies in the overall functioning of a web product and a web based firm, and hence I have always tried to get an understanding of each and every related aspect. I have had an opportunity to work on the conceptualization, initial thoughts and design, technical roadmaps, documentation, application setup, development and deploy. In short, from scratch to execute, I have always tried to get involved.

I look forward to getting opportunities and options wherein my efforts for going an extra mile, apart from my job profile, should be recognized, appreciated and encouraged. A work environment that would allow me to explore, learn and implement new things, would be ideal for me.

In my first job at a real estat portal, I was given a very good opportunity and was offered the flexibility and freedom to learn on my own and implement it. My employer was open to new ideas and suggestion that would prove to be technically efficient and this in turn inculcated an urge for innovation and betterment in me.

For a very short span, I had the opportunity to work at the senior most technical position with a startup medical tourism portal. I had a very good experience was able to perform my tasks and duties of managing the technical tasks efficiently.

Presently, working with a web development firm, working for offshore clients. Right from the requirements gathering, making business plans, functional analysis, tasks creation and assignment to development and deployment, I do it all.