meagan kelly

Amherst, Massachusetts

My name is Meagan Kelly, and I am a junior here at UMass Amherst. I am double majoring in HTM and Communications and hope to eventually work for an event planning company in Boston or New York.

I have recently become passionate about crossfit. It all started after my freshman year here at umass. I was going home to work full time for the summer and my dad who started crossfit after new years, signed me up at his gym. I was unsure at first, but as soon as I completed the begginer classes, I was Hooked! Together, my dad and I woke up at 6am 5-6 days a week and would go workout together. Our "Box": Crossfit Prototype, felt more like a community than a gym, and instead of being a chore, working out was something I looked foward to everday. I still go back on long weekends and breaks to work out with him and all the people I met that summer.

I have recently joined a new box here at school, "Pioneer Valley Crossfit" and it is one of the things that helps me deal with the stress of academics. Being able to go workout and compete with myself in the daily "WOD's" is the best way to start each day.

Crossfit brought me closer to my dad, and my younger sister, who started when I came back to Amherst my sophomore year. We keep in touch everyday and compare workouts/personal records for lifting. I believe that pushing myself everyday at crossfit carries out into other aspects of life, like school and work. I am always competing with myself and trying to be the best version of myself that I can be.

  • Education
    • Isenberg School of Managment, UMass Amherst