Meagan Seiferling

My name is Meagan Seiferling. I am a 15 year old grade 9 student at Balfour Collegiate. I am an energetic, athletic person and i love sports! I am on my schools cheerleading team and most of my friends call me really preppy. I have a beagle named Mischa and she is 4 years old. I have a high metabolism so when people first meet me, they think i am anorexic. I love food though! My favorite foods can be pizza, Mcdonalds, pastas, steaks, fruits, vegetables, chicken, and so on. My dislikes are mushrooms, onions, bananas, and a few other things. I should let you know that i am allergic to peanuts/nuts. My favorite season is Summer because school is over and i can go to the beach, hang with friends, get a tan, and sleep. My biggest fears are spiders, caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles, flies, lightning/thunder (during the night), and many other things. Grades are a very important part of my life, i have never gotten a report-card with anything lower than a B- . That pretty much wraps up things about me.