Meaghan Grace

Embracing people deeply,& understanding the balance of wellness they carry is a great passion of mine.

My passion for wellness, the human spirit & fitness stems from the years of watching my parents care for many elderly family members, sick children,&each other

I learned early in life that I wanted put my stamp in health care by becoming an Occupational Therapist. It became a magical desire to know I could help someone gain their quality of life back after an illness, injury, development delays, cognitive change, or surgery. I graduated with a Master in OT,& Minor in Psych from Misericordia University. I later returned to Boston U for my PhD.

A desire to live a healthy & full life has been greatly enhanced by entering into a wonderful marriage with the love of my life & the joys of motherhood my two little blessings have given me. They have been my "bones" to knowing the importance of balanced wellness.

I currently work in the hospital setting. Rotating from acute care, to inpatient, and to outpatient. I've expanded to being Crt in Lymphedema&Gerson Therapy. Both of which I practice in HL Wellness Center that promotes community health outreach programs.

I'm honored to also partake in the development of northeast baltimore families, and became the creator and director of the Hamilton-Lauraville chapter of community development call HL Sprouts. A family partership with a mission to grow our community via strenghting family bonds, school realtionships, & community pride.

I'm overly blessed to work with many wonderful people. All with the DEAR support and active invovlement of my compassionate talented husband, loving charismatic daughters,& never failing supportive family,friend,& community

Every now and then I share some passing thoughts on

I love to hear your input as well.

  • Education
    • Misercordia University, Boston University