mel ((any pronouns))

Student in the United States

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This is gonna be long but please read the whole thing if you can! Thank you!

hi i'm mel, i'm 15, genderfluid, and mentally ill

please DO NOT follow me if you:

-are transphobic, homophobic, biphobic, etc.

-are against otherkin (i'm not otherkin, but i do believe otherkin are valid)

-believe that reverse racism, cisphobia, heterophobia, or reverse sexism exist

-are a twerf/swerf/truscum

-don't believe in self-diagnosis of mental illnesses


one of my mental illnesses is dissociative identity disorder. beatrice and chris are my alters.

when talking to me, it is okay to ask "who is speaking" so you know if you are talking to mel, chris, or bea.

Heres a bit about each personality:

-Mel: the host (me)

I go by any pronouns. I'm the most logical/reasonable and friendliest of the three. I am safe to talk to.

-Beatrice: the femme fatale

Bea can be reckless, a bit crude and insensitive at times but is generally a nice person. She is safe to talk to.

-Chris: the attention seeker

Chris shows the most symptoms of mental illness, and is safe to talk to but also the hardest to talk to because of how cryptic he can be. He will make things, even people, up and lie quite often. However, he often believes these lies to be true. He is also the only alter with synpaths and IDs.

Chris' IDs (it's okay to follow if you ID as these, as long as you're comfortable with that):

-Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu!!)

-Pete Wentz (The Youngblood Chronicles)

-Kobra Kid (Danger Days/Killjoys)

Chris' synpaths:

-Yamaguchi Tadashi (Haikyuu!!)

-Napstablook (Undertale)


Alright, so aside from all that mental illness stuff, I consider myself a fairly easy person to get along with! If you want to be friends, just DM me, I'm a bit awkward but I'll most likely warm up to you very quickly.

Also, I'm very into music!! The bands and artists I listen to are Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, PVRIS, My Chemical Romance, Death Cab For Cutie, Marianas Trench, Halsey, Gerard Way, Troye Sivan, Muse, and The Cab. If you like any of these artists and want to talk about them or something feel free! I also love getting new music recommendations.

That's pretty much it, thank you so much if you read the whole thing!