204 Media

What is 204 Media?

At 204 Media we launch and manage social media accounts for businesses, while creating and sharing innovative content. In other words, we populate social media pages with users and content, interact with current and potential customers and get "social" with the online community. We do this with a view towards expanding your brand in a "socially" appropriate manner. What differentiates 204 Media from our competitors is the creativity that goes into each client's social media campaign. At 204 Media we are not about just making your business look present and active, we are about making it look cool and hip.

Why use Social Media Management?

To be an effective social media manager while staying up to date with technology, it requires time and dedication. It also requires driven people who are able to take concepts and properly transition them onto social platforms that will grab and hold the attention of the online community.

At 204 Media we make it so that your social media campaign is something that you don't have to worry about. We take care of everything.

How Does 204 Media get "Social"?

There are two components to a strong social media campaign: message dissemination and message control. Message dissemination refers to the number of people that see and hear your message and message control refers to how that message is communicated to your audience.

As social media managers, it's our job to disseminate and control your business's messages in a vibrant and consistent manner. We do this by by sharing meaningful content that is tailored towards your business, opening up postings to conversational discourse and then monitoring that discourse to ensure that messages are being properly received.

Contact Information

In order to contact 204 Media , please call or email Joshua Slayen. He can be reached at any time (literally) at 204-298-3038 or at Info@204Media.com.