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The fine and juicy meat of crustaceans, are but more affordable than lobster, lobster & co.: no reason shrimp are not demand like never before. They are also medical weight loss clinic cost more straightforward than their armored relatives - in the preparation and consumption.

Shrimp, Gambas, King prawns, Gambas: there are many names for prawns. No wonder, because there are more than 350 varieties. You can divide it roughly into two groups: the small cold-water shrimp (these include North Sea shrimps and Grönlandshrimps), which are suitable especially for cocktails and salads, and the living in warmer waters King prawns (for example King prawns or Gambas). The latter are the darlings of the Mediterranean cuisine. The reason: You have wonderfully to fry, Broil and steam.

Tips for buying shrimp

Prawns do all honor their names: they can saran wrapping be up to 20 cm tall. Average, there are only 8-12 cm. The size of the shrimp is not crucial but for most recipes. Adjust only the cooking: small shrimp take slightly less time to cook.

There are almost exclusively as frozen prawns. But even for these products, there are to consider some points: I prefer the frozen in the ice block individually frosted copies. Also I work with prefer raw unpeeled shrimp than peeled. It has a special reason: the shell protects the meat freezing.

Properly thawing shrimp

So that the delicate shrimp meat is not dry, it must be defrosted slowly. Block frosted shrimp is an inverted plate under the block of ice, so that the shrimp in the de-icing fluid and is best in a bowl. Is there one frosted copies preferably in a strainer, it hangs over a bowl. The frozen shrimp you should with cling film loosely cover and put in the fridge so that they slowly thaw.

The shrimp are thawed, it goes to the Peel. This disconnect head first with a twisting motion of the body. Then the shell with your fingers from the belly side forth until the tail end replace. If you want, can leave the tail fan. Otherwise pull the shrimp saran wrapping out of the shell. Then on the top of the shrimp slightly cut with a sharp knife lengthwise and remove the dark intestine