medoune konate

My name is medoune konate, I am sixty years old, I am french and I live in Paris. I like to play soccer, I can play soccer very well and I pratice soccer twice a week. I like to listen to rap music and I enjoy playing video games. My best qualities are I like to talk to people, I always try to be patient and generous, I am very sociable, I think my personnality is good because I am very funny and I enjoy being friendly. I have two sisters and one brother, I am the oldest in my family, my parents are from senegal, I have a lot of my family who are in senegal. My parents think that I must set a good example to my brother and my sisters, because I am the oldest. I live in Paris for three years, before I lived in Grenoble. I'm interested in video games, music and soccer. I like to do my exercices, I go to the movies four or three times a month, I go to the pool once a week, during the school year I go to school every day except Saturday and Sunday, I play video games than the week end and I listen to music every day. I would like to be an architect because I love to build, if I would'nt be an architect I would like to be a doctor. When I will be an adult , I would like to have a lot of money and I would like to build a lot of building.

Thank you for reading !!