MEET-BIS Vietnam means Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency through Business Innovation Support - Vietnam

MEET-BIS project stimulates energy efficiency and water conservation in Vietnam using an innovative, private sector based approach. The ‘MEET-BIS’ programme aims to change this situation. The project is providing urban SMEs in Vietnam with sustainable and affordable access to water and energy efficiency technologies - improving the companies efficiency and bottom line as well as benefitting the environment and public health. MEET-BIS does this by building capacity among suppliers and installers in the Vietnamese market. Building on tested, pragmatic approaches, the project partners are developing sustainable supply chains that make innovative technologies and technical know-how available for SMEs.

MEET-BIS assists selected private sector suppliers in developing commercial markets for their energy and water efficiency products that target SMEs. The programme supports the development of technical capacities, marketing and sales capacities, and financing solutions. As the capacity building needs of the partners are diverse, flexible and responsive learning support is provided.