Otis Smallwood

I am. I am not. Therefore, I am.

If that is too philosophical for you, I just am…

Clarity of what one ‘is’ or ‘is not’ often clouds the natural state of ones Being; for in ones natural state, there is far too much simplicity for the need to decipher such matters.

Just like you, I was born at a very specific place, at a very specific time, for a very specific purpose, here to do what I am suppose to do for however long it is I am suppose to do it. The more I realize this, the more I allow myself to let go; the more I let go, the more I realize how much fun life can be without the conscious and unconscious choices to suffer psychologically. The more aware I become of the conscious and unconscious choices I use to suffer psychologically, the more I realize that there is difference between that which is and the story about what may or may not become of what is. Since my awareness of both possibilities denotes that I am somehow detached from or outside the happening, I remain in the mystery of the moment, and enjoy the show.

With no me, I allow myself to relate to you from our perspective; and I realize that regardless of the contextual difference, we are the same Being.