Accounting, Marketing, and Consultant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello! I'm Nancy, and I am passionate about working in an innovative company that cares about creating value. Ultimately, I want to deliver results and contribute to the success of a growing company. Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to work in a place where I feel inspired and driven to create something better than I found it.

I am genuine, inquisitive, and I have an infectious enthusiasm that connects people together. While I started my career in accounting, I love digital marketing so much that I taught myself everything there is to know about content creation and website management, including HTML, CSS, SEO, and WordPress. If you would like to see an example of my marketing capabilities, please visit my blog linked at the bottom of this page. In one year, I was able to grow my website traffic by 7x and increase my website domain authority from 19 to 30. As well, my website is featured in established organizations, such as ASEAN Tourism and Expedia Singapore. I've also worked with many brands from around the world through my blog.

Of course, that doesn't mean I can't whip out a great financial model and bring insights from data if need be. While some may call me the process master, the reality is that I find efficient ways to do things better because I hate wasting resources. As well, I have boundless energy, and I'm empathetic to the challenges that businesses face. No job is beneath me; I will do what it takes to get things done.

In my spare time, I enjoy blogging, reading, and photography. I'm also obsessed with self-awareness and love hearing life stories.

I invite you to connect with me to learn more about how I will add value to your company.