Przemek (PJ) Plazinski

Tokyo, Japan

1976: Original concept drafted
1977: Construction began in April, following several earlier misfires.
1978: Final delivery successfully deployed on January 12, in Poland.

1980: Deployment of younger sibling, David.
1983: Martial law declared in Poland. Joins opposition in his kindergarten class.
1986: Swedish rock group Europe, releases "The Final Countdown". The song alters the course of my destiny, and solidifies my passion for hard rock/metal music, that would ultimately lead to the formation of my first business.
1986: Emigrated to Germany.
1988: Emigrated to Canada.
1996: Graduated from Regina Mundi College (London, On. Canada)
1997: Enrolls in college
1997: Drops out of college. Parents remain under the impression I am still going to school. Instead, I spend every day searching used music stores for cassettes to sell online. The early days of
1997: Quit my last job (sales team manager for Citi bank)
2001: Early inception of music business, then known as (and later is launched.
2001: First trip to Japan (business element successful, groundwork laid for many subsequent returns).