Megan Arevalo

Writer and Editor in Portland, Oregon

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Hi! My name is Megan Arevalo and I am the Editor in Chief for

I have a degree in Philosophy from Oregon State University and I was born and raised in the small town of Monmouth, Oregon. I really enjoyed all of the reading and writing I got to do while getting my Philosophy degree. I took many different types of writing classes and excelled at all of them.

Philosophy was a good match for me because it was very broad and allowed me to explore and learn about all sorts of different topics. Philosophy is embedded in almost every subject there is—from the Philosophy of beauty or art—to the Philosophy of deductive logic, ethics, or religion.

My degree helped me build and utilize my skills in writing and understanding the written word—something I have always been very passionate about.

After I graduated I moved to Portland with my high school sweetheart and we got married. Soon after, we started a family and I stayed at home with our kids for about 4 years and didn’t work at all aside from being a stay at home mom. Although this time was very rewarding, after my kids got a bit older I felt eager to begin working on a career for myself.

It was then that I started writing some content and doing some editing for I have since moved to solely editing for their content but I have found that editing is something I very much enjoy and do well at. I love being able to work remotely and be at home with my kids while I work. It’s amazingly convenient.

Before any type of content goes live on, it has to go through a full edit by yours truly. No matter who writes the content or what it is about, I go through it thoroughly and make sure that it is both grammatically correct and enjoyable/easy to read. Quality content on any site is highly important in today’s world. With the abundance of content on the web, the quality of the content anyone puts out can make or break their website’s success.

In my time outside of editing, I love to hang out with my two kids, listen to music, explore Portland, go to live music and hang out with my friends.