Megan Potter

I am a trained Life Coach with a gift for recognizing, or seeing, patterns in people's stories and natures. I've learned to use that gift to help others by combining it with a variety of interesting systems that use symbols and archetypes to define the patterns that I've always been great at seeing.

My real passion is for teaching people how to reconnect to, and empower, their Selves (their Inner Nature) so that they can live their lives with passionate abandon, grateful enjoyment, and sheer limitlessness! I think everyone should get to have the experience of really being themselves and live the kind of life they can love. My work is about sharing this core philosophy with as many others as I can!

I am an avid student and collector of information and am trained as a Life Coach, Chinese Face Reader, and Intuitive Guide. I'm also extending my degrees by studying Goddess Thealogy and Divination with Ocean Seminary College.