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Just like there is an account or a reason for every party, there are tales associated with the Valentines Day also. Each year 14th February is cheered with change of loads of gifts and emotions. But in accordance with a tale really it's the time when a devotee of love sacrificed his life with this most beautiful experience that is the cause of humanity on earth.

1000s of years ago in 3rd century B.C there was a saint, Valentine, in Rome. H-e was a priest in the kingdom of Saint Claudius II. One fine day the king recognized that married men do not prove to be efficient soldiers for family ties and relationships destroy them. So to be able to have top quality soldiers and a powerful military power h-e banned marriage for teenagers.

But e Valentine who'd all through his life materialized the feeling of love by tying nuptial ties opposed recommendations to the leaders. Discover further about jt foxx cares by visiting our tasteful site. H-e went against his instructions and continued matching marriages clandestinely. But soon emperor Claudius II got information about it. Consequently h-e decided to punish st Valentine by getting him to death on 14th February.

From that day onwards 14th February is memorized as the day that marks eternality of the bond of love and the spirits of all the true lovers.

But this is simply not the only real myth holding behind Valentines Day. According to another one, Valentine was a captive who did fall deeply in love with his jailors girl. On the day when Valentine was taken up to persecution he wrote and left a letter for his girlfriend. That day was 14th February and the love-letter had the sign underneath as Your Valentine.

Therefore this day came to be recognized and celebrated since the Valentines Day. I-t initiated the tradition of change of other tools and love letters to specific ones feelings of affection.

Though it is very hard to learn the real identity of the man Valentine, it is for certain that he was an idol of love who died but demonstrated that the relationship of love can never be extinguished. Love always stands unbeaten and triumphant despite of countless attempts made by individuals to trounce it and this is the main cause the Valentines Day to rejoice

The shortest month of February perhaps gives the greatest occasions of joy and celebration for every couple throughout the world. To