meghan brian

Cincinnati OH

Is two better than one? Not always. But with me and Meghan’s diverse background and 30 plus years combined professional experience, we bring an old school hand-shake deal and sell, market, hashtag, like, the s@** out of it! As entrepreneurs ourselves, we truly believe everyone should have the same opportunity to take their dream and make it reality. If we can provide your organization with one idea that helps propel you to the next level, then it is a win for us both!

With our unique strategies within social media marketing, we will increase engagement and edgerank to ensure your brand stays relevant and in front of potential consumers.

Aside from our obvious nerdy, yet effective marketing platform, we also pride ourselves on teaching a sales approach to your agents that will help them to see opportunities that they may be overlooking. We have successfully helped over 600 sales agents nationwide add a revenue stream. We take traditional sales techniques and infuse them with the latest technology to create a custom platform that is adaptable and scalable in any industry.

Specialties: Consultant, Trainer, and Coach for sales, marketing and business development; Sales Team Training on how to find prospects and clients; Social Media Consultant; Lead Generation Techniques, Social Media Marketing, Social Networks, Small Businesses, Solopreneurs, Non-Profits.

  • Work
    • Web Strategy Plus, Huff Realty
  • Education
    • BA Marketing, Management, Social Media Certified, Real Estate Broker