Meghan Evans

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Meghan Evans

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Well hey there stranger! I'm Meghan. I strive to be kind, genuine, bubbly, loyal, dedicated. passionate and compassionate.

I am curious, about everything. I WILL ask a thousand and one questions.

I hold near and dear, the principle of becoming a better human being in any way possible, be it for myself, my community or even our tiny niche of the solar system!

Biology(science) and Singing(music) are the things that shape my world, no sciencey word playintended. But incidentally, I love sciencey word play!

I am an information sponge and when I get going on a subject i really like to learn all I can. Documentaries, thoughtful discussions and anything that can make you think critically about a subject.

I'm a bit of a video and board game nerd... and always up for the next challenge!

Currently I'm employed in the insurance field. It allows meto keep the roof over my head and those of my furred family. Three dogs and some Devon Rexes.

My goal is to someday complete school and become a veterinarian.

I seek to include those who feel ailienated, I seek knowledge to understand the world around me, I seek beautiful music, and I seek kindness in every measure because nothing is more beautiful, rare, precious and a gift to the world than beautiful hearts.

  • Education
    • University of Winnipeg