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Writer in Texas

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Writer in Texas

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❅ I finally got around to remaking this, and now it looks completely fake, but hey, at least it's pretty.

❧ I'm Courtney! I also commonly go by Ko, Daylight, and Ollie (a lot of names, I know), so please call me whichever you like best. I'm INTP and chaotic evil, but most people consider me nice, so. Think what you want.

❥ I'm agender, feminine presenting, but go by any pronouns—excluding neopronouns, so don't worry about misgendering me!

❥ I don't have any requirements for you to follow (or not follow), but chances are I'll ignore you if you're annoying.

❥ I'm literally Nagito Komaeda (SDR2) and Courtney (Total Drama). I'll deny you if you think you're either, but I doubt you'll request if you think that anyways. That being said though, I'm typically not one to seek validation often, they just make me feel better about myself—but usually, unless I'm in a bad mood, I'm extremely narcissistic.

❥ I mainly post Pokémon, Vocaloid, Total Drama, Dangan Ronpa, Neopets (pitifully enough), and obviously shitposts. But fair warning, I spam. A lot.

❥ I tag NSFW (not text) and gore, but not much else Although you can go ahead and ask me to tag something else, I'll probably forget.

❥ I get very snappy at times, don't take it to heart, I do it with almost everyone. I'm bad tempered and pessimistic, but I'm definitely working on improving that.

❥ I really love Bri and Utatane Piko, that's probably the most important fact about me

This isn't my typing style at all this is so fake and probably outdated by the time you're reading this