Melinda Roberts

Scotts Valley, CA

Melinda Roberts is Part Owner and Product Development Lead at Globiana helps companies preserve their investments in Global Mobility through high-touch cloud-based solutions focused on the support of the accompanying partners. We extend relocation support to the Expat Partner so you can focus on the employee. Our team of relocation service professionals and experienced expats is uniquely qualified to provide the support your employee’s spouse needs to have a successful move.

Visit for details and to request a guided tour of the platform.

Melinda’s web development and virtual community building skills help us find solutions to make our Subscribers’ Globiana experience perfect every time.

Melinda is also a pioneer blogger, founding The Mommy Blog in 2002. She has appeared on Oprah, CNN, ABC News, Fox, CBS, BYUTV, Johnson's Baby Channel, and is a Nielson's Power Pack Mom and one of's top 50 Mom Bloggers of 2010..

Melinda has authored two books: 42 Rules for Divorcing with Children and Mommy Confidential: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood (nominated for The Blooker Prize in 2006). Newly remarried, Melinda and her husband live with their blended family of 6 children.

Partnerships: ABC News,, Biissdom,, BYUTV, Canon, CBS/Warner Brothers, Clorox, CNN Prime Time,, Disney Internet Group, Dot-Moms, Federated M

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