Melissa De Leon

I am a chef, food consultant, entrepreneur, cooking show personality, and a dreamer. I enjoy working on new projects, and helping others achieve their goal.

Winner of 1st place 2012 "3dr UNCTAD Women in Business Award" with our Gluten Free Products made with tropical flours . We use the entire tubers of locally grown Panamanian crops, enabling our supplying farmers to sell their harvests with no waste — and thus earn steady incomes.

I am proud Panamanian, citizen of the world! Traveling is my passion. I appreciate learning about a culture through food. Do you have something to share? Is it tasty and delicious? I am all ears!

Love making waves in food, nutrition, health, and lifestyle in both English and Spanish language media.

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Panama Gourmet - Food Consulting Services, Product Development

Panama Gourmet - Gluten Free Products made with tropical Flours