Michael Wiener

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Since 2008, I've been involved in various online works including research and blogging. When I was just started, I do research as a service to numerous individuals who needed my service in various niches including fitness, wellness, health including specific issues in men like sexual health. I was also involved in topics like green energy, automotive and computers.

Now, I run maleenhancementpr.com along with a few others as contributors and partners. I enjoyed blogging and I choose this topic because it is not only interesting, but it is somewhat controversial, and I thought I could share my knowledge and real-world experience with it.

This area in male sexual health has been an issue for many men especially ED or erectile dysfunction. However, keep in mind I'm no health care and don't offer medical advice on the website. Anything that relates to treatments medically that are being referenced to an external source or sources that are credible.

Moreover, other men issues like premature ejaculation is also covered, which I myself experienced it back when I was a teen and until the early years of marriage. I was able to overcome it through natural means without any help of medications. Yes, it's possible to beat premature ejaculation with natural methods. However, the methods I've used are not for overnight results. Natural methods are slow, no shortcuts, requires patience and persistence but provide long-term or even lifetime results without any side effects.

Probably, the most intriguing topic I've covered in my website(maleenhancementpr.com) is about penile enhancement using non-invasive methods. Take note, this topic is not supported medically, although there are certain health professional that supports the idea, but in general, it is not accepted in the medical community.

Most will say and it can be found on many sources online and even written documentations that penile size is hard-coded to a man's genetics. However, I was wondering why there are men who were able to achieve such decent gains in size...if it is genetically hard-coded. So, I decided to try it myself. It's not easy, but it's possible.