Igor Mironyuk

Writer and Photographer in Николаев, Украина

Igor Mironyuk

Writer and Photographer in Николаев, Украина

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I am author of the blog nikolaevinpictures.com , the suspense "Isabelle", domain name investor and the one of Nature's Sunshine Products company.

Regarding Web that First discovering internet I began in 2008 from Google maps. After meeting parked domain name, my discovering the Web turned in eCommerce side. Except this I create a site www.theredsymbol.com about Golden Gate bridge which is in San Francisco.

In 2009 I photographed the bridge in my city and next photographed other photos. I'm "hunter for nature photographies".

In 2010 I run internet blog calling it Николаев в картинках. There I publish my photos of Nikolaev nature. Then I add text between the photos. I call it "Stories". Stories between photos, funny is not it?

Stories & pictures. I gain experience in writing stories and pictures improved.

In 2014 I transformated my Nikolaev in Pictures blog in new look.

Also I write articles on various topics. Here's the list of my works.

Regarding Health I trust production of the company Nature's Sunshine Products.

Regarding Internet I own also domain names. From different categories.

I have a page in russian social site Vk.com and viewing pages of other members and groups I was inspired to create Love & Sex community. Name of this is Love Me Advices.

If say about my hobbies that this are cinema, music (mostly electro), writing and geography.