Megan Schumann

Every day I am inspired by our networked world, where good ideas can spring from unexpected sources and -- seemingly overnight -- transform what we consume, how we think and work, and even our conceptions of what is possible. What it means to embrace these capabilities in a “responsible” way is a constantly moving target, but an essential one.

The clients I serve through Monitor Institute and Deloitte’s Social Impact consulting practice share my commitment to advancing solutions that are a net-gain for all involved. Whether we are designing a new pathway for first-generation college students to graduate and move into areas of the economy where their talents are sorely needed, building a new business model that yields strong financial performance and social outcomes, or co-creating a strategy for mobilizing a movement around a pressing societal issue, there’s a common thread of relentlessly seeking after the smarter, more efficient, more impactful solution.

In my work, “solutions” are often new programs, operating models, and organizational strategies that myself and a multidisciplinary team co-design and brings to life with our clients -- sometimes an entire network of clients who share common goals. I’m in my element gathering and synthesizing information, both qualitative (expert interviews) and quantitative (user analytics, surveys), and using those insights to guide executive decision making. Messaging decisions to a wider audience inside and outside the organization is another strength, as I strive to craft written, visual, and social content that increases uptake and sparks constructive dialogue.

Besides actively doing this work, I write and speak publicly on these themes. I was the Lead Researcher and contributing writer of the Harvard Business Press book The Solution Revolution, and routinely publish shorter articles, as well as infographics and interactive pieces online.

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