Micah Stupak-Hahn

Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY

I'm not a doer; I'm a thinker. My doing is strictly limited to my job (making fonts as useful as possible). I quite like it, but it's not what I do: what I do is think. I think about music (er, obsess, really), film, books, travel...wait, my thinking is a real doing.

So, only somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I thought: this is what my life can be reduced to, or can be expressed as, as the space between these points, or as I was that led me to who I am and become:

Europeans with synthesizers

languages, codes, and symbols in the broadest, semioticest definition possible

the suburbs at night


mono no aware

the X-Files

mental and emotional parkour

a lovely, comfortable melancholia

that e e cummings quote on individuality

that girl from high school


the collective unconscious

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    • Governor Mifflin Senior High School
    • Rochester Institute of Technology