Michael de Groot

Storyteller and Coach in Stourport-on-Severn, United Kingdom

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I'm passionate about storytelling and know it's always a work in progress for us all, it's a never ending story. Your story makes you interesting, it develops your personal brand, which with the advent of online engagement is getting increasingly more important.

Every fan has to feel that you are talking not just directly to them, but fully engage emotionally and can communicate with them to discuss their problem on an intimate level, even though you might not actually be sitting directly opposite them at the time.

I heard a great quote once on a podcast; 'Every problem has a story'. Let's become better storytellers together.

My story started in Amsterdam until the age of 13, then lived in the tropics for 3 years and saw people living in poverty for the first time, it made a massive impact and motivates my need to do voluntary work. Back to Amsterdam and then to London in 1977 at the age of 17. Didn't have the confidence to study in English and instead searched and found a job where I could use my Dutch language. That started my journey in the Textile Industry for 28 years. Finally escaped in 2005, the day was July 4th, Independence Day. Since that date I have been self-employed in a manner. It was and still is the best thing I decided to do.

And now?

I'm following in the footsteps of my mother. She was Anglo-Indian and when she came to Amsterdam and after marrying my father and having 4 kids, I'm the youngest by the way, she ventured into PR. Because of her excellent command of the English language and also having learnt Dutch, she was an excellent translator. She was always a prolific reader, which meant she also became an excellent writer.

I was always interested in marketing and my career in Textiles spanned across Sales and Marketing, so now I realise that some genes and some experience allows me to give some direction to those that are hunting for clients or rather raving fans.

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