Michael de Groot

Storyteller and Coach in Stourport-on-Severn, United Kingdom

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Thank you so much for stopping by and scanning my profile. It just took you 6 seconds to make up your mind about me. You are such a fast thinker! 😲

All of us love stories, we love books, we love the movies, we love cartoons, we love the news and we even love the adverts. Stories allow us to create pictures in our brains, which result in real feelings and emotions.

Remember the phrase: ’I don't remember what you said, but I will remember how you made me feel’. Stories make us have even better memories.

I will coach you how to enhance your storytelling, whether it be right here on LinkedIn prospecting for clients or developing your career or if you are a creative agency, assist you with your clients' stories.

I appreciate your connection, thank you so much! 🙏

Connecting virtually it doesn't always explain the full story does it? I am interested in learning your story, so I can potentially be of value to you. I call it a 'Discovery Call'. Completely optional of course. You can book one via: http://styin.me/20-min-discovery-call

And for now massive success with everything! 🚀

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Oh I nearly forgot, my podcast is ‘Share Your Story’, who would have guessed! It’s on iTunes.

Specialties: Storytelling, Social Selling, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Whiteboard Animation, Social Networking, Social Media, Business Development, Lead Generation, Coaching, Public Speaking, Webinars, Digital Marketing, Podcasting, Writing, Storytelling, Cartoons, YouTube, Instagram, Slideshare, Twitter, Facebook, Mixcloud, Yelp, Udemy, Quora, Medium

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