Michael Doven

MichaelDoven,AnExtraordinary Photographer

Michael Doven, on the web at http://www.michaeldovenphotography.com has a long and fruitful history with photography that spans more than two decades and encompasses a number of different styles and subjects.

Michael received a degree in photograph from the New York Institute of Photography in 1997, but long before that he knew that his life's work would involve the filmed arts. Taking his growing talent into the arena of film, and taking the position that film is nothing more than "a series of still photographs," Michael passed this same spark and energy into his work in movies. Eventually, he became a producer and started his own film company. However, it all started with his still camera, a device he still loves to carry around with him to snap incredible photos when the mood strikes.

"It's All AboutTheSubject"

Talking to Michael about his craft will quickly elicit the information that composition is his focus. "It's all about the subject," says Doven, whose 25-year career has included subjects such as people, landscapes and even inanimate objects. "Composition is really another way of saying that you can see how all the elements of the photograph fit together. If your photo is of a person, as many of mine are, it is not enough to simply see the person and how the light falls on his or her face. You must also consider what is around the person and bring those elements in for a total frame, of which the person is the strong focus."

Michael has been doing this type of portraiture for some time and the results are stunning. He was asked to photograph professional golfer and baseball star Rick Rhoden, and his portraits of this man launched him into the national and international spotlights. In fact, his alma mater, The New York Institute of Photography, uses his work as an example of professionalism and success in the photographic arts.

A Leap Into Film

He might have made a name for himself in the photography field and been quite successful, even if most people outside of photography never heard his name.

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