michael gillan

wholistic legs maintenance p in Australia

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Michael has been in Ultra Marathon running and walking for many years, In 1995 he developed a simple light legs recovery system that encouraged walkers and runners back out onto the track quickly so they could get more distance,

The system is based on working with the body to recover 'wholistically' by bringing the mind, brain, nervous, vascular,muscular and other systems back into alignment again

Michael has worked all over the world including France, Denmark, Montreal, and a run across the United States and with Tony Mangan of Ireland on his world run on the Australian leg from Melbourne to Darwin.

Michael has worked with many top athletes which include Cliff Young, Sandra Brown, Yiannis Kouros, Jesper Olsen and Tony Mangan

In 2013 Michael was 6 weeks on the road with runraw https://www.facebook.com/pages/Running-Raw-around-Australia-2013/151899708156709?fref=ts

At the backend of 2014 Michael was busy working at the Adelaide 6 Day run


Followed up by joining Tony Mangan and Jeper Olsen in Ireland for the finish of Tony's 50,000 kilometer world run


Then the Icaraus Florida 6 day


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    • Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist
  • Education
    • Massage Therapist