Michael Mercer

content writer, social media strategist, and brand culture specialist in Los Angeles, California

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I've worked in the music (Atlantic Records) & audio/sound industries (The Absolute Sound magazine) for over twenty-years. In that seemingly short time I worked my way up from answering phones to Project Manager, Production & Engineering assistant, as well as Director of Marketing & Social Media Strategist. I've also maintained a writing career on a freelance-basis during that time. I've written for Hi-fi Plus Magazine (recently re-joined the editorial team there), The Daily Swarm, Positive-Feedback, Head-Fi.org and a host of other zines, blogs and media hubs.

I Founded OccupyHifi.org in August 2015, and my current work-flow is project-based (and/or monthly) where I specialize in Brand-culture + social-media, plus: Influencer-marketing & Primal-Branding for high-fidelity, personal audio & headphone culture.

I live in Los Angeles, California, and my interests range from music to technology. I am also interested in high-end audio, entrepreneurship, and as previously stated: Headphone Culture a.k.a "personal audio". I'm known as an audio evangelist in the Hi-fi and Head-Fi communities, which has propelled me into situations where I am currently seeking full-time and addiional freelance work.

Please click the "Read My Blog" button above to check out OccupyHifi.org. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to reach out via the social links below. Being a Team-Player is no merely a combination of Keywords to me.

The goal is to join a team of forward-thinking, creative and positive individuals willing to sacrifice part of themselves for the betterment of the team as a whole. I'm excited for the future...

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