Michael Mercer

content writer, social media strategist, and brand culture specialist in New York

I've worked in the music (Atlantic Records) & audio industry (The Absolute Sound) for over twenty-years. In that seemingly short time I worked my way up from answering phones to Project Manager, Production & Engineering assistant, as well as Director of Marketing & Social Media Strategist. I've also maintained a writing career on a freelance-basis during that time. I've written for Hi-fi Plus Magazine, The Absolute Sound, The Daily Swarm, Positive-Feedback, Head-Fi.org and a host of other zines, blogs and media hubs.

My current work-flow is project-based where I specialize in brand-culture, social-media,, influencer-marketing & primal-branding for high-fidelity & headphone culture.

I live in New York, and my interests range from music to technology. I am also interested in high-end audio, entrepreneurship, and as previously stated: Headphone Culture a.k.a "personal audio". I'm known as an audio evangelist in the Hi-fi and Head-fi communities.

The goal is to join a team of forward-thinking, creative and positive individuals willing to sacrifice part of themselves for the betterment of the team. I'm excited for the future...

  • Work
    • hifiplus.com
  • Education
    • Nassau Community College