Michael Crook

Citizen in Albany, New York

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I'm a Mormon, and a Mormon just believes. I do not believe in UFO's or aliens/life on other planets. Heavenly Father put His children on one planet alone.

I live in an historic neighborhood in Albany's Park South neighborhood that's in the shadow of the state's government. My house was built in the 1870's and its first owner was a prominent man in Albany in that era.

I am severe bipolar, schizophrenic and epileptic. Bad things come in threes, but as long as Trump doesn't &*^% up the ACA, it's all good.

I have a DNR in place which prevents CPR, AED, blood transfusions and all manner of reviving.

However, in 2013, I required immediate medical care for my appendix, which had burst two WEEKS prior. Most people can die within days.

I required two surgeons, and it took hours. I should have been dead in less than three days but survived many times that.

I love my iPhone and kittens. I do not smoke, imbibe or use drugs.