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I’m Michael Charalambous – I am 23 years old, energetic, positive, engaging and ambitious and I live in Hornchurch, London-Essex.

I love to experience anything new, anything that will get me excited and my adrenaline going – be that meeting somebody, exploring somewhere, or pushing myself to the limit. I’ve skydived over Florida, swam with the sea life in Thailand and enjoyed the beautiful views of Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. I love eating out and enjoy good food.

Professional Ambitions
I try to learn, grow and improve all the time in both my personal and professional life. In the short term I aim to build up my business, expand the team and be a real influence within the industry in which I work. In the long term I plan to use my success to invest in properties all over the world; which will also fulfill my desire to travel.

Personal Ambitions
As much as I love business and driving forwards, I have a strong social and environmental conscience. There are many individual things I would like to achieve: learning to play the violin, experience the world’s hottest curry and, ultimately, I want to share and build my life with a beautiful wife and children.

Achievements and Experience to Date
I started working at sixteen and have been gainfully employed ever since. I achieved a triple-distinction in Interactive Multimedia design from Barnet College. I have learned much from my travels and have already visited 29 United States, 10 European countries, Thailand and more. I am also proud that I have started and am running my own business.

Let’s Connect
If my profile appeals to you and you like meeting new people – just for a chat or maybe to discuss a business idea, or even if you want to travel with me, please get in touch. I’m very open and I’d love to talk!

Learn more about my company here, learn more about me here, and join me in conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Work
    • Director, Right Casino Media