Michael Liskin

Wellness Centered Leadership Development and Cohort-Based Adult Learning in California

Michael Liskin

Wellness Centered Leadership Development and Cohort-Based Adult Learning in California

Michael is committed to a human-centered approach to work that enables new forms of collaboration, social connection, and extraordinary results for distributed teamwork.

He has focused on the intersection of technology, wellness, and communication for over two decades, working with technology startups, higher education, and in culture change of Fortune 100 organizations.

  • Culture Change and Leadership Development with Luman.io
  • Private Clients: Entrepreneurs, SMB, & Enterprise


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• Developing leaders adapted to the new world of work, incorporating methods of self-discovery and emotional mastery.

Wisdom Emerging: delivering practical wisdom (interviews, discussion) for 42,000+ member community that Michael founded via the interactive social audio format (Clubhouse app, Summer 2020).

• Cohort-Based Experiential Learning

• Embracing your remote workforce as a strength; next-gen online community

• Training coaches & developing employees' EQ, and communication skills

• Virtual technologies that enlighten and inspire; hybrid learning journeys; social audio breakout groups

Whole-Person-Centered development & health coaching; Transforming business and culture through individual transformation

• Initiating a community-of-practice, blend of adult Learning principles + Web3 + Self Development + global Civilization awareness

• Community Building for work teams in the era of Zoom Fatigue

• Culture Change inside of your organization, or if you are scaling community to reduce global catastrophic risk


Further Interests:

• Creating a strong and vibrant workplace, home, & community; raising kids to be aware, adaptable, and kind

• Rhetoric & Persuasion: Leading toward a win-win-win for Culture in Business Organizations and the planet

• Developing & evolving Conscious Business Practices

• Manifestos: Responsive.org; Web 3.1 Human-Centered Approaches

• Expansion of Consciousness & Growth of Self

• Developing & hiring great talent; community-driven organizations and multi-stakeholder initiatives


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  • Education
    • USC -- Annenberg School for Communication
    • USC -- Marshall School of Business
    • UC Berkeley -- Rhetoric & Psychology
    • University of Sussex -- Educational Psychology
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