Michael P.A

Photographer, Public Speaker, and Consultant in Miami, Florida

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Michael was born in the United Kingdom, and studied music and the arts from the age of 5. By the age of 9 he was studying with the Royal Academy of Music in Classical Piano senior grades. He moved to Australia in his teens.

By his own admission he is a lot more Australian than he ever was British, but he manages to carry the best of both cultures with great ease.

Having spent most of his professional life in the pro music industry working behind a mixing console, either creating the sound, or being part of the sound that you hear on the radio every day, his entire life has been about being creative.

Once upon a time Michaels world was filled with instant cameras that he never used for anything other than capturing a memory. When he picked up his first professional camera it opened up a new world of potential for creative expression. In short, he fell in love with what he saw through the lens. It changed his perspective on the world completely.

Michael discovered the magic of being able to capture a second in time, of something that would never happen again.

Not many people can pull off a complete career change and gain respect from up high in both.
Michael though is a rarity. He went from complete un-known nobody to the art world in 2011, to having over 250 collectors around the world today in 2015,
that collect his work and follow his travels.

That takes a few things to make it happen. He has two of them
specifically in large proportions. Guts, and amazing talent.

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