Michele Leroux Bustamante

San Diego

I am originally from Toronto, Canada - but have lived in San Diego since 1992 where I took my first programming job. Since then I have been fortunate to experience many opportunities in technology as a programmer, manager, executive, consultant, teacher, writer, book author, public speaker and entrepreneur. Turns out there are a vast number of opportunities in the technology space - and somehow I did not get the memo that you don't have to do them all!

I have dabbled in many areas of technology but my deep expertise lies in designing and implementing scalable cloud solutions, identity and access management (IAM), security and compliance, DevOps, and C-Suite mentoring. I put things in the cloud before it was called the cloud and now spend time helping customers reach success in all things technology. I have a passion for helping businesses get off the ground as what I call a "Startup Architect".

I am cofounder and CIO of Solliance - a consulting firm that helps you assemble the "dream team" of experts and individuals of specific expertise to solve problems and deliver value. We are based in San Diego.

To say I keep busy is a gross understatement, but my husband and son help me keep it real, and balanced.