Micki Allen

Intimacy and Relationship Coach and Sexuality and Pleasure Educator in Texas

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Micki is a devoted, yet sassy, wonderwife and loving mom of many. A proud Native Texan, Micki is an avid cinephile, has a voracious appetite for learning, and is prone to the frequent use of Southern expressions and movie quotes.

She thoroughly enjoys mothering, learning how to develop and maintain strong intimate relationships, and attempting to disprove the egregious stereotype that most Christians are hypocritical bigots.

As a sexual health and pleasure educator, she mentors others toward personal sexual health and well being, encouraging the development of healthy interpersonal relationships. She is also a certified intimacy and relationship coach, working to free her clients from sex-related shame in order to build health, long-lasting relationships with themselves and their chosen others.

Micki also enjoys the guilty pleasures of disco as well as the strange and unusual.

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