Miguel Angel Moliné

Miguel Angel Moliné

I am a senior executive with experience in management positions as General Management, Operations, Supply Chain and also Commercial in cases of technical product/service (B2B). My education in Industrial Engineering, specialized in Industrial Organization (UP Valencia), complemented in Operations and Supply Chain (APICS-CPIM), H&S and most recently, MBA (UJI Castellón), brings me a very strong profile to face any professional challenge.

As a result of my over 20 years experience, spent in very diverse sectors (automotive, chemical,construction, renewable energy, public administration ...) and in companies of different profile (multinationals and SMEs), I have a global overview that allows me to bring a good enough knowledge, to design and implement the most suitable strategies for developing successful business.

Recently, I have spent my last two years working for the Valencia Regional Government with General Manager responsibilities. First, as INVASSAT General Mgr. (Regional H&S Agency) and later on for a longer time, as Planning & Services General Manager at SERVEF (Regional Employment Agency). In both cases, I'm proud to have contributed to introduce a Continuous Improvement concept in Public Administration and a higher interaction with society, thanks among other things, to social media tools implementation such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,Youtube and even Whatsup !! Have a look to their sites ;-) :




https://goo.gl/1Hr2EX (linkedin Servef)



The deployment of the 2014-2020 Strategic Plan in Servef, turned on a proven increasing quality and number of services to the citizen, a management system based on cross-functional teams and scheduled tasks, measuring and controlling on-going results, thanks to dashboard tools......we could write a book !!!

Currently, besides offering my services as a senior executive specialized in organizational change management and continous improvement, I am working in entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of renewable energy, and also in communication as tertullian in the program conducted by David Blay (@davidblaytapia) "The world to come" on Radio Emprende (@Radio_Emprende). My passion for new technologies and communication, lead me to be present at the most prominent social media.

  • Education
    • Industrial Engineer
    • Certified in Production and Inventory Management - CPIM-APICS
    • Master Health&Safety
    • Master of Business Administration