Mik Kersten

Vancouver, BC

Dr. Mik Kersten is the CEO of Tasktop and lead of the Eclipse Mylyn open source project. His goal is to create the collaborative infrastructure needed to connect knowledge workers in the new world of software delivery. At Tasktop, Mik drives the strategic direction of the company, Tasktop's key partnerships, and the culture of customer-focused innovation. While working at Xerox PARC, he created the first aspect-oriented development tools. He then created the task-focused interface during his PhD thesis and validated it with the release of Mylyn, now download 2M times per month. Mik’s ideas on ALM and focus on the needs of the individual knowledge worker make him a popular keynote speaker, and he has been recognized with awards such as the JavaOne Rock Star. Mik’s entrepreneurial contributions have been acknowledged by the 2012 Business in Vancouver 40 under 40 and as a World Technology Awards finalist in the IT Software category. Mik likes to ski.